Sina Saygılı

Dentist Sina Saygılı was born in 1990 in Istanbul as the second son of his family. After graduating from Istanbul German High School with double high school diploma with Abitur, he completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.
As of 2015, he continues h doctoral studies in the same faculty in the Department of Prosthodontics.
His interests include all Digital Applications in Dentistry, TMJ Disorders, Occlusion and Dental Photography. He is the founder of 220V Dentistry Youtube Channel. He gives courses and conferences in Dental Photography, Digital Applications and other fields in Dentistry.
He is fluent in German and English.
Medeni Berk Elemantary School 1996-2000
Private Sembol Elemantary School 2000-2004
2009 German High School Istanbul 2004-2009
ABITUR Diploma, Finishing note , 2.5
Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty – Undergrade Study 2010-2015
Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty - PhD 2015
Department of Prosthodontics
foreign languages